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About Us

Homeowners in South Florida can rely on the highly rated installation services from BSC Windows for high-impact windows, especially for replacement windows after a crisis, such as for windows that were damaged by tropical storms or hurricanes. PGT and CGI are the local companies where the windows are made according to our specifications, which helps simplify the ordering, delivery and installation processes for our company. We are not restricted by specific limits for the dimensions of a window and can install a special order window for nonstandard window space.

Windows have been our passion for over 20 years and we can accommodate all residential and commercial properties!

About Us
Impact Windows

What You Need To Know

If your home is located in an area where hurricanes frequently occur, you need to take precautions for preparing your windows to take on the flying debris and damaging winds associated with hurricanes.

Every time a hurricane is about to hit a particular area, you often see stories on the news of property owners nailing plywood over the windows to protect them. While plywood can be used to protect windows, there are other better products and ways to protect your windows.

Advantages of Impact Windows

No glass window is completely break-proof, but impact windows have the enormous advantage of breaking such that they crack without sending out shards of glass flying in all directions. Here are the benefits associated with impact windows:

● No flying shards of glass in case a storm or hurricane strikes
● Can survive winds of up to 200 mph without blowing out
● Provide excellent insulation against sound
● Can help reduce insurance costs by as much as 45%
● Block up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays from the sun
● Available in different sizes and styles

advantages of installing impact windows

BSC Windows Helps Families In South Florida Protect Their Homes

We proudly uphold the highest quality craftsmanship in the Miami & Naples Surrounding areas in South Florida. Contact us today and get a preferred partner who cares.



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