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Impact Windows & Doors Service

Many Florida residents, particularly those moving here from out of state, want to know why they should install hurricane windows and doors. You may want to consider them if you:

Own a business and are concerned about the safety of valuables and employees during a storm.
● Have difficulty evacuating whenever hurricane warnings are announced.
● Want to have that added peace of mind when you do evacuate.
● Would like to avoid putting up hurricane shutters or nailing pieces of plywood over your windows.
● Need to save money on your homeowner’s insurance, as many carriers offer a discount to those with impact windows and doors.
● Plan on selling your home within the next five years and would like to increase its value.

If you are building a new home, start things off right by having impact windows and doors installed in every room. Have rental property? Protect your investment and keep your tenants safe with new high impact windows from BSC Windows.

BSC Services

Our Services Are Specialized for South Florida Windows & Doors

On Time Delivery

When choosing window installation, we know you do not want to be kept waiting. This is true whether you have new construction or are replacing damaged windows. We perform every job in a timely, efficient manner so that you can get back to your usual routine as quickly as possible.

We offer the same timely service when making service calls. Should you ever experience a problem with one of your windows, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll provide you with the same quick and easy service we provided when we first installed your windows.

Impact Windows: More Affordable Than You Think

A common misconception people have is that hurricane glass is expensive. The truth is that impact windows are often more cost-effective than regular glass. In fact, you may actually save money just by having them installed. For example, if you are considering hurricane shutters you might find they are no longer needed.

When you factor in the cost of replacing or repairing ordinary windows, you’ll likely find that hurricane windows provide you with the best value for your money. Not only that, but you can never put a price on your family’s safety. Impact glass will provide you with ideal safety at a time when you and your loved ones are the most vulnerable.

Blue Steel Construction Windows Division installs impact windows in Florida homes just like yours. Contact us for an estimate to see just how affordable high impact windows can be.

Emergency Situations for Customers

We understand the emotional turmoil for a homeowner who has experienced storm damage to his or her windows. Our professionals are dedicated to providing high-quality services, especially during a crisis situation. Homeowners can become frustrated while trying to find services for replacing a window and also trying to overcome the other problems that had been caused by a hurricane, such as closed roads that block the routes to nearby stores. With a broken window, a homeowner could begin to feel vulnerable in an unsafe environment. At BSC Windows, we realize how important your home or business is and will make certain that we arrive in a timely fashion to provide you with an estimate to complete the necessary repairs.

Several Advantages For Homeowners

1) Higher level of safety for a family.
2) Cost control for future problems.
3) Protection for preventing burglaries.
4) Fewer problems from storms.
5) Energy Efficiency
6) Insurance Discounts
7) Heat and Noise Reduction

Inspection Procedures After a Crisis

Customers can rely on our inspection process after a crisis. We will assess the problems and will discuss our services with you. The information about the costs and procedures for replacing a damaged window will be thoroughly explained to you to avoid any problems from confusion. We realize that our customers can be affected by several distractions after a crisis, such as after an emergency situation during a severe storm.

Installation Procedures

Our professionals will use precautions while carefully installing your new windows and will also carefully inspect for any other signs of damage to the walls around the windows. We will minimize any problems from dust or other debris during the installation process. You can begin to relax after a crisis while our professional workers restore tranquility to the environment in your home with the new high-impact windows.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide the highest quality of services for our customers, who may encounter problems during a life-threatening situation, like hurricanes. BSC Window professionals are trained to efficiently respond during an emergency situation. We provide services that are designed for quickly assessing your problems and for efficiently replacing your windows. We place a top priority on customer safety and on customer satisfaction.

BSC Windows Helps Families In South Florida Protect Their Homes

We proudly uphold the highest quality craftsmanship in the Miami & Naples Surrounding areas in South Florida. Contact us today and get a preferred partner who cares.



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